Two Ultra-Minimal Lamps That Also Juice Up Your Phone

Two Ultra-Minimal Lamps That Also Juice Up Your Phone

In the current universe of lamps, designers want to scale down, delete any frills, and step back. We’ve seen a good deal of stripped-down lamps lately, from glowing white boxes to 1960s-era lamps made of floating glow sticks.

The new Circa and Clamp light collections from San Francisco-based Pablo follow the same ethos. The Circa was created to redefine the typical table lamp by deconstructing it into something very bare bones--a form-and-function-style lamp. The Clamp series was developed with an “understated beauty and an uncompromising level of utility” in mind, says Pablo designer Dana Cannum. It consists of just two elements: natural wood and light.

The rounded Circa collection doubles down on the utility aspect by including an integrated USB charging port--and optional tablet surface--on the table, floor, and wall models. It’s a simple and thoughtful way to amplify the value of an everyday appliance: the more we lean on our phones to micro-manage everything from our thermostats to our romantic lives, the more we’ll be on the lookout for seamless ways to stay powered up.

As for the Clamp series, Cannum says the long, thin, and angular shapes were inspired by old woodworking clamps. Like the Circa line, Clamp delivers on its promised utility: It’s made for myriad adjustments, thanks to praying mantis-like limbs, and every model is packed and shipped flat. Assembly only requires one piece of hardware.

These collections don’t represent a design overhaul at Pablo, but they signal an exciting shift for the company away from their work on bright LED task lights and into the ambient LED light category. Useful lighting, after all, doesn’t have to be fluorescent.

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