The kick-off ceremony inAmsterdam World Interiors Meeting 2013 Chinese road show held in Beijing DiaoYuTai State Guesthouse on May 21st, 2013. This event was co-hosted by Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW) and his strategic partners DTHS, ceramic top brand of China. Mr. Patrick de Vries, head of the press and culture section of the Netherland embassy, and over 300 famous designers attended the kick-off event. Mainstream media authorities such as CCTV, XinHua news agency, China Daily, Sina, Vision Magazine and various design publishers and online media covered the event.

Mr. Patrick de Vries, head of the press and culture section of the Netherland Embassy, told Xinhua he thinks highly of the exchanges and cooperation of Netherlands and China in the field of design. He warmly welcomed the Chinese delegation to Netherland to attend the WIM 2013.During the WIM 2013, held in Amsterdam from 6th September 2013, Guangzhou Design Week and DTHS will co-host a “Chinese Day”. The Chinese Day is the first-ever interior design conference outside of China with the most prominent speakers in the Chinese Mainland contemporary interior design and architecture industry. Following the Chinese Day, a delegation will visit the most prominent places of design in the Netherlands.

The event attracted many top designers and experts in industry where they all applauded the design developments made in China and for Chinese design presented by the top 10 interieur designers of China. A special occasion was the attendance the following highly valuable (VIP) people for the Chinese Creative Industry: Ms. Wang Wei Yu (Doctoral Supervisor, Tsinghua University; Founder of China Interior Design), Ms Zhang Qiman (Doctoral Supervisor, China Central Academy of Fine Arts; one of the China Interior Design Pioneer), Mr. Meng Jianguo (Director, China Architecture Design & Research Group), Mr. Xie Haitao (Founder, China Interior Design Awards (Jintang Prize); President, China-Designer.com)

The Chinese designer group touring the world in September 2013, triggered a strong interest and passion for the design industry. Foshan “DTHS” ceramics company together with Guangzhou Design week in 2013 joined forces to promote WIM in China. A range of high-end designers events are planned that started with this Beijing ceremony. From May to July 2013, “DTHS” will in conjunction with Guangzhou Design Week host events in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and Xian, more than 10 more important cities with in- depth discussions, activities, selected speakers, and meetings on Chinese design projects at home and explore the design characteristics and competitiveness issues such as the future of China.

The delegation to the Netherlands will attend the general international design meetings from September 5-7 and in specific the "Chinese Day" on 6 September. From 8-10 September there will be an extensive design tour through the highlight of design in the Netherlands. Famous design project and designers will be visited with help of the official design organizations in The Netherlands. For more details, please login www.inamsterdam.orgwww.gzdesignweek.com,www.dths.com.


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